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SUPERA Stent Technology

Independent testing has documented the unsurpassed flexibility and radial strength of the SUPERA stent compared to standard nitinol stents.

Throughout testing, the SUPERA stent completely resisted kinking, crushing, and crimping.1

Stent Testing Videos & Flexibility Demo
SUPERA Stent Testing - Flexion Bending
SUPERA Stent Testing - Torsion Fatigue
SUPERA Stent Testing - Product Flexibility
Flexion Bending
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Torsion Fatigue
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Product Flexibility
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SUPERA Strength:

SUPERA has a minimum of 4 times the radial strength of standard nitinol stents.1
SUPERA has 360% stronger crush resistance than standard nitinol stents.1

Crush Compression data for 6 mm stents

SUPERA Flexibility:

There were zero fractures observed in any SUPERA stent tested after 10 million cycles of 120° flexion and extension. All standard nitinol stents (SNS) tested fractured with less than 100 thousand cycles.1
There were zero fractures observed in any SUPERA stent tested after 20 million cycles of torsion.1

For more detail on SUPERA strength and flexibility, please click on the link to see a full product brochure.

Download PDF Product Brochure

1 Data on file, IDEV Technologies, Inc.

SUPERA® is a different
class of stent.

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